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Godzown sports is a family run sportswear business set up in 2016 by the daughter of a former Donny Rovers and Rotherham footballer and her rugby mad husband.

Having set up successful businesses for other people and fundraised over £250,000 for new community sports facilities it made sense to put our passion for Yorkshire and our love of sports together with our business skills.  And what better business than providing great quality sportswear and equipment to support the current and next generation of Yorkshire athletes in clubs, schools, and colleges.

As a Yorkshire brand we aim to manufacture in Yorkshire where we can.  But we know we’re in a competitive, global market place so we’ve travelled the world to find the best products and services for you – some of which we’re proud to say are right here on our doorstep in Yorkshire.  Other businesses will highlight their 30, 40, 50 years of experience but fabrics and the global sports market have changed so much that what matters most is finding the best of what today’s global market has to offer and bringing it to you at the best price.  This is why we’re happy to provide best in class player protection equipment from other brands, and why we’re looking for innovations such as GPS performance tracking to give teams the edge.

Being a family run business with three sport mad sons means that what matters to you, matters to us. We want quality. We want service. We want innovation.  We want value, and we want people to wear our sportswear with pride.

With your passion for sports and our passion for sportswear, we will always give our best to the players, coaches, and fans alike.

Godzown Sports.

We are you.